Architect or Unlicensed Professional?

If you are planning to work on a residential project, you may be wondering if you should choose to work with an architect or an unlicensed professional (such as a building designer or a drafter). At Design Everest, we truly care about the quality of services and the design being specifically created for your needs. Here’s why you should choose to work with our architect for your project:

1. Our architects are licensed and insured and their work is regulated: Architects are licensed professionals who are known for their expertise and experience of practising architecture. They are directly liable for their work and are regulated by the California Architects Board. Designers are unlicensed professionals who typically work under the supervision of architects. They may not have the required level of training and competence to provide the quality of work that you will need.

2. Our architects’ understanding of building systems and quality of work is superior: At Design Everest, our architects are chosen very carefully based on their expertise, experience, understanding of clients’ needs and their knowledge about construction.  They are experts in understanding the form, design, functionality and construction because of their training, education, and licensure. On the other hand, the skills of a designer  can vary a lot, depending on their own work under the supervision of an architect. A draftsperson is also different from an architect as they are not trained or qualified to do design related work but only help architects to draft drawings (using computer aided design & drafting software (CAD)).
The front of a large single family home

Rendered architecture and engineering services for a large two story custom house, San Bernardino, CA

3. Our architects can navigate complex systems of permit approval easily and drive design solutions:  Every project has different technical requirements applicable to the project. Our architect will ensure that the research / analysis about the technical requirements of the building code and City mandate is done meticulously. Our architects are adept at driving solutions for technical restrictions and proposing solutions for your specific design needs. Our architects are therefore experts at navigating the complicated approval process of your City or County. They can therefore help you in a far more superior way with the permit than other professionals.

4. We can coordinate the work of all professionals working on your project, in order to ensure a well coordinated design: We also coordinate the work of various other professionals / disciplines to ensure your project will be designed and built successfully. We are a one stop shop for pre-construction services and coordination of various disciplines can be done under the supervision of our architect and through our project management team.

5. Our architects are knowledgeable about construction and we will ensure smooth collaboration with your general contractor: Our architects also have great knowledge about construction and they are therefore going to be able to work well with your general contractor. This might not be true for designers who may not have the construction knowledge / understanding of building systems or the right experience of working with contractors. The designers may not even be insured. As licensed and insured professionals, our architects are very meticulous about our client’s design needs and the construction needs as well.

6. Our architects can ensure that your design meets form, functionality, safety, your lifestyle goals and at the same time your budget expectations as well: If your design matters the most to you, our architects can ensure that form, functionality, safety, and design is given prime importance. You may not need an architect for the permit, but if your design is a custom / residential one, you will need our architect to ensure that your design meets form, functionality, safety and all your lifestyle goals while meeting your construction budget. Our architects are trained and experienced at identifying your function and space needs and driving solutions keeping in mind the budget expectations as well.

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