8 Essential Steps to Rebuilding Your Home After a Fire

The State of California has been razed with wildfires of late, with data from Cal Fire claiming 8,106 incidents causing damage to 3,269 structures.

In the light of such overwhelming fire damage statistics, the construction industry has rapidly adapted to using technologies and materials that keep structural fire damage at bay to some extent; however, fire is a very strong force to contend with. Its deleterious nature leaves people at a loss for solutions to deal with the aftermath. They are left wondering how to go about carrying out house repairs after a fire.

1. Apply for a fire insurance claim.

California has a robust fire insurance system in place, whether through a private company or the FAIR plan. In the event that your home suffers from fire damage, call your insurance provider and set up a building inspection after a fire to determine the extent of damage and claims. It is important to discuss the following points with your insurance agent:

  • Referral for a fire restoration contractor of repute.
  • Claims release duration.
  • List of damages to the house.

Also, try to contact the restoration professional as soon as possible to find out the duration to rebuild your house after a fire. This may help you arrange a temporary shelter in the meantime.

2. Determine the extent of damage to your home.

Before the restoration begins, the fire damage restoration professional chalks out the quantity of work that needs to be done on your fire-damaged property. They will inspect the house for structural damages in components like load-bearing walls, columns, beams, attic joists, basement retaining walls, etc. Speak with the restoration professional to understand how much work is required to be done and whether they can put you in touch with a licensed electrician and plumber to work on the damages.

3. Secure your premises.

Once the restoration begins, you need to protect your property from vandalism and trespasser accidents. Fence off your land, board up the fenestration – the whole drill – to ensure that your house can be restored without much incident. Your restoration team can assist you with this.

4. Start with structural repairs.

8 Essential Steps to Rebuilding Your Home After a Fire

The structural components of your house are what keep it standing upright – these are the most important parts that need to be fixed first. This is a job best left to the professionals of the trade, such as the structural engineer, fire damage restoration professional, civil construction professionals, carpenters, etc., who know how to handle fire-damaged buildings. They will start with replacing the joists, beams, columns, and other structural components that have withstood irreparable fire damage.

5. Begin with electrical system repair.

Before drywalls can be installed, getting your home’s utility systems back in order is necessary. The electrical system is especially susceptible to fire damage, and restoration cannot progress before it is thoroughly inspected and a new circuit breaker is installed. Right from supply to plug-in points, every component of the electrical line is checked.

6. Repair fire-specific damage to the house.

Fire, in addition to causing structural damage, leaves a peculiar trail behind after it is done ravaging a property. Soot residue, smoke stains, contaminated (and often choked) air ducts, etc., are some common sightings in a fire-damaged property. Your restoration professional should search for such damages and repair them.

7. Restore every room, one by one.

It is an overwhelming experience to have your home burned to the ground and then back standing in a few weeks. The key is to keep your calm and do it one room at a time. Seek help from your restoration professionals to salvage furnishings and whatever you can before installing new drywall and cleaning the room up.

8. Keep a record of everything.

This is more like an ongoing activity from the moment you file your insurance claim – document everything. Take pictures, retain invoices, receipts, all the paperwork and bills, correspondence, etc., to document your home restoration. Digitalize these papers to create a folder that can help you prove the extent of the damages you suffered, the duration and resources it took to rebuild; the professionals deployed on-site, etc. In the event that you should be required to furnish evidence, this folder should be your go-to place.

The cost to rebuild a house after a fire is between $3000 to $40,000. If you reside in California and haven’t had the chance to get fire insurance for your home yet, the time is now.

How do you rebuild after a fire?

It is a matter of insurmountable grief to have your home burned down; however, have faith in the professionals, the system, and the technology available today. This 8-step process to rebuild your house after a fire should be your first course of action, with a mind as calm as possible.

Are you ready to rebuild your home? Design Everest has got you covered! Contact us today and get the process started.

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