10 Remodeling Tips and Ideas for Homeowners

Homes may not necessarily have an expiry date, but they often need a face, structure, and ambiance turnaround as time passes. It often happens that you change the setting of the furniture or color the walls in a different shade to bring about some change of look. But a few years later, you yearn for a shift in the vibe of the house. Our team at Design Everest will tell you: that transforming your home is indeed possible with a bit of planning and practical decisions and without burning a hole in your pocket.

A house remodeling checklist is the first step to achieving this transformation. It should contain all the possible details you wish to have in the remodeled house.

It would also help you to understand the differences between renovation vs. remodeling and your end goal between the two. While these two words are used interchangeably, renovation means restoring something to its original form, whereas remodeling means creating something new in place of the old. Read on as we share a few remodeling tips for homeowners that will guide you through creating a new look for your lovely abode.

  1. Set a Clear Goal

While planning house remodels, your goal should clearly define your expectations, remodeling areas, and a timeline you can commit to for the entire process. The objective of remodeling a house can be to increase its resale price, modernize it, or simply give it a facelift. Whatever you choose, you should channel all your energies to pursue this goal. Do not over-commit and set far-fetched goals which you know you may not be able to fulfill.

  1. Budget

The pivotal remodeling tip for homeowners is to set aside a fixed budget. Whether planning a house remodel or remodeling just a room, you need to allot a certain amount as a budget and keep a buffer on top of it for any unexpected expenses. The key is to stick to this budget while planning the whole activity around this budget. There are various personal loans available to remodel your home as per your desire. If the burden is too heavy on your pocket and you don’t have ready money available for remodeling a house, these loans are a great way to achieve your goals. Consider the pros and cons and select the most efficient way to finance the remodeling.

  1. Finding a Contractor and Architect

A suitable home remodeling contractor will prove to be an excellent investment. They will ease your work pressure and decision-making, share your vision regarding your home remodeling ideas, and provide a few remodeling tips. They are the ones who can get you the suitable raw material at the best possible prices and also include efficient workers for a better output. A critical home remodeling tip is always to consult the principal architect or any other onboard house architect. If you plan to incorporate any structural changes, they will prove to be of great assistance as they will have more in-depth knowledge of the subject. Additionally, if you are looking for remodeling ideas for an old home for any structural changes, it is imperative to consult an architect and a structural engineer too.

  1. Permits and Approvals

One of the most critical remodeling tips for homeowners is getting permission from local bodies, housing, or building societies. Many homeowners neglect this step, but it can cause major problems later. The permit ensures that you are adhering to the structural and safety protocols. In the absence of permissions, the local authority or the housing society can act against you for remodeling a house without any intimation. They may bring out a stay order, citing issues of safety or non-cooperation. This could derail your entire schedule and eventually lead to penalties levying on you, increasing your budget manifolds. By getting all the due approvals, you can focus on planning a house remodel and avoid unnecessary conflict.

  1. Research

Before plunging into the task, do extensive research on the process of remodeling a house. Look at the current trends, dos, don’ts, etc. You will find a plethora of home remodeling ideas along with remodeling tips for homeowners. Make a note of all your thoughts, which you can visit at the execution of work. Also, talking to your friends, family, or neighbors will help you exchange home remodeling tips and experiences. You can consider taking help from an interior designer and a home remodeling contractor for their expertise in the field.

  1. Decide on the Look

Whether you are remodeling a house entirely or partially, a change of look is the desired outcome most of the time. To fulfill that goal, you should explore different looks you can adopt for your house as it would be the right time to implement those ideas. Whether it is a traditional, eclectic, or contemporary look you decide to choose, always keep in mind the longevity of the look and the cost involved. There are numerous home remodeling ideas available on the internet through which you can add your personal touch and create a renewed space for yourself.

  1. Long-term vs. Short-term Cost

An important remodeling tip for homeowners is assessing your long-term and short-term cost and investment. The plan is to chalk out a step-by-step wish list in the order of priority and not to burden yourself with buying everything in one go. Focus on the more urgent long-term investments, as small short-term requirements can be fulfilled later. Another way is to break down the remodel wish list and execute it in bits and parts. For example, you can remodel the living room and kitchen as per your wish or current trend and remodel the rest of the house later. This way, you can have effective cost management and also have one part of the house for your convenience and comfort. Prioritizing your wishlist is the key here.

  1. Replace, Reuse, Recycle, and Remodel Outdoor Areas

While planning house remodels, look at the old furniture and fixtures that you wish to retain and want to discard. You can think of home remodeling ideas that can reuse the existing elements tastefully. You can also try refurbishing those elements to create a new look at the house. Buying new furniture or furnishing should be carefully done to match the finalized home renovation look.

If you have a garden or outdoor area that you are planning to remodel, carefully consider the environmental impact it might have. Chopping down a tree or digging the ground for a pool may require you to have permits in place. Inquire about the same with your local authority to avoid any future problems.

  1. Pay Attention to Aesthetics.

Remodeling a house allows you to redesign your home aesthetically. Multiple things can transform your house, like never-tried-before paint color or exploring some trendy and efficient lighting options. While planning house remodels, you can also find a solution to the ugly visible wiring or the plumbing issues. Take note of these issues and discuss them with your home remodeling contractor to fix them as and when you are in the process of remodeling.

  1. Renovation Free Zone for Children and Pets

Another important remodeling tip for homeowners very few will share is to consider safeguarding children and pets. If you are remodeling the house completely or just a specific space, make sure that the process doesn’t disturb their daily routine. You can consider shifting to a temporary place if the entire house is being remodeled to not disrupt their schedule and avoid any health hazards.

Where Can We Help?

Remodeling your house can be challenging, but the ultimate result will leave you more pleased than before. We at Design Everest guide and help you with remodeling tips for homeowners and finding the right home renovation contractor and key workers to make your dream come true. Our well-experienced team becomes your partner in the mission ‘renovate home’ from step one and sees you through the entire project. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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