Load-Bearing Wall Removal

One of the most common kinds of home interior remodels is removing one or more load-bearing walls to create a more open space. While it is no small task to take down a load-bearing wall, it gives your home a more open layout and makes it feel bigger and freer inside. 

While sometimes a load-bearing wall can be identified based on its location, it often takes a licensed engineer to determine if the wall is load-bearing or not and if it is, how to safely remove it while keeping your house structurally sound and safe for an earthquake. A structural engineer can make the decision from either an onsite evaluation or by looking at your home’s original blueprints that may be on record with your city’s building department. The accidental demolition of a load-bearing wall without consulting a licensed structural engineer can cause a lot of damage, not the least of which is the safety and integrity of your family’s home. 

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Load Bearing Wall Removal

Understanding the importance of load-bearing walls in a home or building renovation is an important part of the design process. You should not have to let this stop you from achieving your dreams of an open floor plan or extensions that remove load-bearing walls. Our experienced structural engineers are here to help with high-quality engineering plans that preserve stability throughout all phases of a project. No matter how unique your vision is, we have optimized the process for a turnaround time that meets your needs. With our fully licensed and insured team of structural engineers and drafters, we have the experience you need to get your projects involving the load-bearing walls completed on time and under budget. 

Load Bearing Wall Removal Calculations

We can refer you to reputable skilled contractors, Structural Engineers that are experienced in executing the more complex remodeling that involves the removal of load-bearing walls. Architects choose us for these more complicated projects due to our competitive pricing, high-quality work, and optimized permit approval process. 

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Whether you’d like to create an open-concept layout or enlarge your living space, replacing a load-bearing wall with a support beam is simple. All you
Load-bearing walls support the structural frame of a home. This includes the floor and/or the roof structure of the house. The weight of the structure
You’re about to knock down a load-bearing wall. Doing so impacts the structure of the house, and you’ll need a permit from your authority having


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