Whether you’re planning a new office building, hotel, retail space, or any other commercial facility, quality design is the vital first step. At Design Everest, we use a collaborative approach to shape your vision. We work closely with you, the architect, the contractor, and your city’s building department to prepare a design that is code-compliant, sustainable, and planned around your business. 

We Serve Several Types of Commercial Projects:

  • Retail Spaces
  • Office Buildings
  • Private Schools
  • Fitness Centers
  • Commercial/Residential Mixed-Use
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Change of Use

Architectural Design

First, we connect you with a trusted architect who will design an efficient building that’s tailored to your enterprise. The architect will issue an Architectural Permit Set. The Architectural inputs are required to start civil and structural planning.

Civil Design

A ground-up project entails starting from scratch, and we must prepare your site before construction starts. This task is demanding and full of unknowns. Builders are often stunned with the costs of managing surprises unearthed from their site. Our seasoned engineers will draw on their years of experience to assess site conditions, and draft efficient plans for grading, drainage, and utilities. 

Structural Design

Our vast experience helps us innovate when working with challenging features. We will plan a structure to interface with the design you chose, regardless of its complexity. To guarantee seamless integration between structural and architectural elements, our engineers will collaborate with your architect to optimize plans and calculations. What’s more, you can depend on us to find your money-saving compromises. Affordability is a key factor, and we know how to attain efficiency in structural design.

Permits & Approvals

Time is money, and you shouldn’t wait endlessly to break ground on your project. Unfortunately, approvals and permitting can stall commercial developments for months or even years. We can reduce the number of revision cycles your project undergoes by furnishing a code-compliant, detailed set of drawings. After submission, our engineers review and respond to building officials’ feedback, and correct the design as required. To help your vision survive the building department’s scrutiny, we will collaborate with the architect to update the plans. In addition, our team will ensure that your design complies with state energy efficiency guidelines and assist you with the Title 24 Energy Permit. 

Construction Administration

We believe you should stay in control of the project without having to manage it. To this end, we will keep you up to date on what’s important and take your mind off the rest. Once construction starts, steady updates on your budget, schedule, and any issues that arise will come in handy. Our team can refer you to a reputable contractor partner. We will manage Requests for Information (RFIs), review submittals and substitution requests, and perform structural observations as construction progresses. 

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