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Design, Engineering and Related Services with Proven Benefits:
  • Construction cost

  • Faster permits
    and ROI

  • Minimal plan
    check comments

  • Responsive, single
    source of accountability

  • Transparent,
    fixed-fee pricing


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One-Stop-Shop for Pre-Construction
You can deliver projects faster and hassle-free.
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We Deliver Projects Across California
Why Developers and Investors Work with Us
Quality and Customer Experience
  • One-stop shop for pre-construction services
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Highly-responsive project management Construction support (substitution requests, inspections, etc.)
  • Referrals to contractors and other AEC professionals
Time Savings
  • No lead time
  • Fast turnaround of plans
  • Minimal plan check comments
  • Processes to prevent delays/rework
  • Clear drawings that limit RFIs during construction
Transparent Pricing
  • Fixed, upfront pricing
  • Includes city comments and construction administration
Cost Savings
  • Value engineering and design to lower construction costs (higher ROI)
  • Design to streamline maintenance operations (higher NOI)
Technology and Data
  • Software-enabled workflow to deliver fast turnaround and responsive customer service
  • Our growing A growing database of city comments from over 4,000 projects completed since 2005

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