Proven design, engineering, and related services for
residential and commercial projects.

  • Quality
    that's affordable
  • Highly rated
    customer service
  • Ability to take on
    a project anytime
How the Partnership works

Design Everest is equipped to take on residential and commercial projects at any time to support Real Estate Developers and Investors. Since 2005, we have delivered a variety of high-quality design, structural/civil engineering, permit, and construction administration services across California.

Our outstanding rankings and customer satisfaction scores are a testament to the Design Everest methodology.

  • Design Everest

    First, your requirements and objectives fully understand over a call or in-person.

  • Design Everest
    Quick Turnaround

    On understanding your objectives and requirements, we get to work on your project right away. Our goal is to work as one cohesive team and keep you up-to-date.

  • Design Everest
    Delivery and Construction Support

    Every step is taken towards timely communication and delivery of your project. Additionally, a dedicated team can support you with construction administration.


Design Everest provides a range of end-to-end services for residential and commercial projects. Our licensed and experienced team services all major metropolitan areas and smaller counties in California.

Who We Are

Design Everest is a leader in engineering and design services for residential and commercial projects for 14+ years.

We have delivered 4,000+ projects to real-estate developers, investors, contractors, architects, realtors, homeowners, and others across California. Design Everest leverages proprietary technology and data to deliver high-quality and superior customer service at competitive pricing. Our Mission is to bring exceptional customer-focus and innovation to the AEC industry.

The Design Hub

Design Everest has built a proprietary and free online solution that streamlines collaboration, project management, and numerous project tasks. It tracks the project's status and files in real-time. Hence, simplifying the process of revisions or comments from architects, engineers, drafters, and any other stakeholders. The Design Hub is our specialized solution for AEC professionals to deliver projects more efficiently than ever before.

Desing Everest
Desing Everest
Benefits of Partnering with Design Everest
  • Technology
    • Attractive project timeline and responsiveness due to software-driven processes
  • Faster Permits
    • Fewer plan check comments due to our large database of delivered projects across California
  • Timely Construction
    • Our dedicated construction support team is available via phone and email after the design phase, where needed
  • Cost Savings
    • Value Engineering solutions for material, labor etc.
    • Know your costs beforehand with fixed-fee services
  • Experience and
    High Quality
    • Professionals with up to 35 years of experience
    • California-licensed professionals vetted to meet our high standards
    • Expertise in residential, commercial and mixed-use projects
  • Responsiveness and
    Quick Turnaround
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager & Project Manager for each project
    • Prompt responses to architect partners
    • Faster delivery and high customer satisfaction
  • Ability to Take on a
    Project Anytime
    • Design Hub - our proprietary data and PM system efficiently forecasts and optimizes resources
    • Ability to take on projects of any size, any time while maintaining quality and timelines
  • Breadth of
    • Expertise in a wide range of Residential and Commercial services
    • A la carte option – use our services when and where you need them
Developers and Investors often turn to us for
  • Last minute requests

    When your existing engineering partners may be overworked or unresponsive, we are happy to jump in to address your immediate engineering needs. We handle hundreds of concurrent engineering projects.

  • Handling multiple projects

    Our ability to take on a project at any time and collaborate with stakeholders over our proprietary project management platform (The Design Hub) helps clients receive their engineering and design deliverables faster.

  • Higher & faster ROI

    We understand the importance of keeping any project within budget. Our project managers are committed to helping the client keep their construction and material costs low. We assist clients in sourcing the most cost-effective resources for their project.

  • Extensive expertise

    We are capable of handling projects of any size and also any type, be it Residential or Commercial. Our structural engineers are state certified & licensed and have collective experience catering to most structural engineering needs as elaborated on this page.

Let us help you drive your projects to success!
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