If you are planning for any kind of Remodel or Addition to your house,Our experienced and licensed professionals can help you with the designs and plans by identifying space that is underutilized and offer suggestions about how to enhance that area in your home design.
Design Everest is your trusted service provider in Oakland. We have provided our services for several Remodeling and Addition Projects in Oakland and other parts of California. Reach out to us today and discuss your project idea with our local and licensed professionals.

Architecture & Engineering Services for Remodel and Addition in Oakland
  • Architecture
    Second story addition, Oakland, CA
    • Addition and remodel of a house to add a second story
    • Delivered the structural engineering, energy permit (Title 24) calculations, and architecture (via a partner)
    Architects for Remodel and Additions:

    Our experienced Oakland licensed Architects collaborate with you to discuss and develop the plans in a proper Architectural Permit Set - a prerequisite for the engineering phase. The Design Everest team brings 15+ years of experience with modern and traditional remodel/addition projects for Residential and Commercial buildings. For a better utilisation of space as per the requirement it is very important to hire a professional with experience. We leverage technology, and make every effort to get quality plans delivered at the earliest possible with quick turnaround time.

  • Structural & Civil Engineering
    Addition and Remodel, Oakland, CA
    • Interior and exterior remodel of an existing house.
    • Raising the ceiling of the kitchen cum dining cum living room. A partial wall removal of an interior partition in the kitchen. Reconfiguration of both bathrooms.
    • We provided the Architectural permit set, Structural engineering, and Title 24 for the project.
    Engineering for Remodel and Addition

    We bring vast experience in a range of Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering needed for your Residential or Bathroom/Kitchen Remodeling project in Oakland. You might need a structural engineer to remove a load bearing wall or do some structural calculations,or need a civil engineer to design drainage plans while doing the remodeling of your house or doing a new addition to your property. We are a true one-stop engineering shop with expertise in a wide range of specializations in providing Residential Remodel and Addition Services as listed above. Our experienced engineers design efficient structures and are always looking for value engineering solutions so that customers pay less in construction, materials costs etc.

Our Remodel and Addition Services in Oakland
  • Engineering plans for custom home remodeling
  • Deck and patio addition blueprints
  • Second or third story addition floor plans
  • Kitchen/Bathroom remodel designs
  • Sunroom additions for natural sunlight and extra space
  • Extra room addition designs
  • Game room or wine cellar addition
  • Remodelling or addition special permits
  • California permitting with an unrivaled success rate
Our Projects
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Our Projects
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​Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services. Since 2005, we have gained the experience of 6000+ residential and commercial projects for end-customers and industry-partners, powering over $500M of construction annually through our innovative and remote delivery method. We have a dedicated Construction Support team to quickly resolve any design and engineering queries during the construction phase. Design Everest does not give up on a project until the last nail is in the wall.

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