Building the home of your dreams is often an opportunity of a lifetime and an experience that stays with you forever! So, if you looking for licensed & experienced Architects and Engineers in Oakland that not only fit your budget but also meet your deadlines and daily work schedule, Design Everest is the brand you can trust. We have delivered hundreds of pre construction plans for New Custom Homes across California.
At Design Everest, our experienced consultants works closely with you to understand your needs and objectives. You are also supported by a dedicated Project Manager who is responsible for delivering your new home plans ensuring quality and deadlines.

Architecture & Engineering for New Home Construction in
  • Architecture
    Large 3-story New Custom Home
    • A new 3,919 sq.ft home with 481sq.ft garage. This new home has 4 beds and 3 baths including a guest room.
    • This house was built on a steep slope. We have provided the Architecture, Structural Engineering, and Title 24 energy permits.
    Custom Home Architect

    Our experienced Oakland licensed Architects collaborate with you to discuss and develop the architectural plans and also help you with architectural permit sets as per the local city/county laws. The Design Everest team brings 15+ years of experience with modern and traditional home designs and floor plans to help with your dream new custom home construction.

  • Structural & Civil Engineering
    Large 3-story New Custom Home
    • A new 5,996 sq.ft home with 1,106sq.ft garage. This new home has 7 beds and 7 baths including a home office.
    • We have provided the Architecture, Structural Engineering, and Title 24 energy permits.
    Engineering for New Custom Home

    We bring vast experience in a range of Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering needed for your new home construction projects in Oakland. We also have experience in Land Development services such as Subdivision, Feasibility, and Entitlements. On completion, we can also refer you to a trusted contractor for the construction phase, free of charge.

  • Energy Permits
    New Custom Home
    • Rebuild and change the existing floor plans
    • Three-story single family house with conditioned basement and garage. Rebuilt house with 4,180 sq.ft. of space with 5 beds and 6 baths
    • Delivered the architectural permit set, structural engineering and Title 24 for the project
    Energy Permits

    TITLE 24 and CALGREEN are Building Energy Efficiency Standards required in the State of California for new and existing buildings to achieve and maintain energy efficiency. If you are looking for energy efficiency plans for your new house, our experienced engineers can help you with that as well as obtaining the required permits in Oakland

  • Construction Administration
    New custom home
    • Delivered the civil engineering, energy permit (Title 24) calculations and architecture
    • Large multi-story custom home with a swimming pool
    Construction Administration

    We also provide New Home Construction Administration services to ensure your construction goes according to the plans.
    To make this process streamlined and efficient we have developed a dedicated channel wherein you can easily submit your queries by using any of the website forms on this page to get quick engineering support during the construction phase.
    Construction Administration during the construction phase is essential in avoiding a rework due to a contractor’s misinterpretations of your design plan. It prevents possible construction delays and unnecessary expenses.

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DE Advantage
We are the ones you want Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services
DE Advantage

We are the ones you need
​Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services. Since 2005, we have gained the experience of 6000+ residential and commercial projects for end-customers and industry-partners, powering over $500M of construction annually through our innovative and remote delivery method. We have a dedicated Construction Support team to quickly resolve any design and engineering queries during the construction phase. Design Everest does not give up on a project until the last nail is in the wall.

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