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Design Everest has experience on more than 6000 Residential and Commercial projects across California

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Today, we bring to you a couple of projects we have worked on for our clients this year. We wanted to show you how we helped them achieve their goals with respect to the projects. 


Why should you consider Design Everest for your next project?

  • An experienced one-stop-shop with local licensed engineers for all pre-construction services, including Civil & Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing System Design Services and Energy Performance Compliance Services like Title 24. 

  • A dedicated Construction Support team to support you during the construction phase with any questions that you or the contractor may have about the plans developed by us.

  • Single point of contact for all your needs - a dedicated project manager for your project to ensure high collaboration with the entire technical team on your behalf. We offer pre-construction management of the project through a dedicated project manager, at no additional cost. 

  • We address City/plan-check comments (if any) that are generally within the scope of our work and on our plans at no additional cost for you.

  • A dedicated Customer Support team for your help and support on any project at any time.

  • Design Everest Lounge: a curated repository of construction-related educational materials for you to remain updated about the architecture, construction, and engineering industry .


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Garage Remodel and Voluntary garage retrofit

Location - San Jose, CA

Highlights - 

  • We prepared the engineering set of plans for the exterior remodel (Garage door change) and Voluntary seismic retrofit to the Garage area.

  • There were some concerns regarding the shear wall locations. The Project Manager on this project jumped on a call with the engineer and the client to sort out the concern immediately.

Client Testimonial

Seismic Retrofit and Interior Remodel

Location - Alameda, CA

Highlights - 

  • We prepared the engineering set of plans for the interior remodel of the second floor and seismic retrofit.

  • We also provided Gas piping plans, Drain Waste Vent (Sewer) Plans, and Water Supply plans

  • Initially planned to do both first and second floor remodeling and attic conversion to living space, but dropped due to budget problems. We were in constant contact with the client to navigate through these changes. Further, we had the engineer to jump on a few calls to advise on value engineering and discuss the changes.

Client Testimonial





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Design Everest is a pre-construction management service provider, highly experienced in all types of residential and commercial engineering and design services. We have completed 4500+ projects since 2005. We are a One-Stop-Shop for complete Design and Engineering services required for addition, remodeling, ADU, commercial tenant improvement, residential and commercial seismic retrofits, and residential and commercial ground-up construction projects.


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