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Design Everest has experience on more than 6000 Residential and Commercial projects across California

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I hope that you are all safe and well. Today, we bring you our newsletter on Teleconstruction.


What is Teleconstruction service? 

At Design Everest, we are now offering virtual consultations and inspections to deliver the answers to your questions and even get inspections done during the construction phase of your project.


Do virtual consultations and inspections really work?

You may have the perception that an engineer or architect needs to have an in-person appointment for engineering and architecture projects. However, a large part of the consultations/inspections is to collaborate with the owner/developer to determine their needs and then advising them about the execution of their dream project.


Advantages of getting Teleconstruction services:

  • Our engineers, architects and designers will perform assessments, inspection, and more all within the comfort of your own home!

  • These services are safe, convenient, and economic.

  • We will be sending you the recorded version of these consultations at the end.


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Meet our Project Manager, Kelsey who will explain our Teleconstruction services in detail

Teleconstruction services:

  1. FREE 1-on-1 virtual consultation about your project with a Customer Success Manager: Schedule your free virtual consultation with us so that we can discuss your project and guide you about your project needs. At the end of the call, we will establish the best course of action for your project and advise you about the next steps.

  2. Classic Virtual Consultation with an engineer/designer/architect about your project: Discuss your project and collaborate online with an experienced architect, designer, or engineer to understand the typical permit process from local authorities. Helping you understand what you will need to get the project started and its general requirements. Learn about the process from design to construction.

  3. Premium Virtual Consultation and Feasibility Study: Our premium service offers a feasibility study + virtual consultation for you. We can help you understand your project in-depth for you to realize your vision and plan your project successfully. This includes our architects and designers doing a thorough investigation and research on your project and helping out in figuring out the different needs in terms of the approval process (and zoning or coding issues) to what actually can be built.

  4. Virtual structural observation or virtual special inspection during construction: Design Everest can provide an (i) virtual structural observation or (ii) a special inspection, which will be conducted by a licensed engineer. It allows our engineer to inspect your building/ongoing construction and offer consultation during construction for specific items such as foundation, shear wall, epoxy, rebar, using your phone camera. We will provide a stamped letter from the engineer regarding the consultation.


Have a look at our completed projects


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About Design Everest Engineering 

Design Everest is a pre-construction management service provider, highly experienced in all types of residential and commercial engineering and design services. We have completed 4500+ projects since 2005. We are a One-Stop-Shop for complete Design and Engineering services required for addition, remodeling, ADU, commercial tenant improvement, residential and commercial seismic retrofits, and residential and commercial ground-up construction projects.

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*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with members of Design Everest.

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