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We hope everyone is safe and taking the required precautions in these times. Design Everest comes to you with a new newsletter on Land Subdivision that discusses why you might want to divide your parcel of land into different lots.


What is Land Subdivision? 

In simple words, the subdivision is a process of dividing an improved or unimproved area of land, which is also called a “parcel of land”, into different lots with the purpose of selling, leasing, or building development. 

How can we help you?

  • An ideal first step is to understand what can or cannot be done on your property. Design Everest can help you by evaluating all the laws pertinent to your project like zoning, building or planning, possible utility connections, and provide a detailed Feasibility Report so you can make an informed decision. 

  • The next step is to obtain an approval from the city/county as per the California Subdivision Map act. Our licensed Civil Engineers provide services with Civil Engineering plans such as preliminary site plan, grading, and drainage plan, utility plan, erosion and sediment control plan, and other necessary requirements for the approval. 

  • Our experienced Civil Engineers also provide construction administration services to check if the work is going as planned and as per the drawings considering the development policies, rules & regulations of different cities, which helps our client create accurate project designs.


What is the purpose of the subdivision?

  1. You can subdivide, develop the lots and sell or lease as per your needs.

  2. You can divide your property into blocks and sell those blocks when the market is right to earn profits.

  3. You can downsize your bigger block of land as per your need and develop or sell the rest of the block.


You can refer to the following article for better understanding on Subdivision and services required for it -


Even in this pandemic, Design Everest can provide CIvil engineering services for your project in just 4 simple steps -

  1. Schedule a Teleconstruction Appointment with us. Teleconstruction is our latest initiative that allows us to deliver virtual consultations to our clients remotely, virtually, and safely.

  2. Discuss your Land Subdivision requirement with us. If possible, share any related documents you might have with you.

  3. Based on the information, we will send you a quotation and timeline for the project. 

  4. Once we finalize the agreement with you, we can start working on your project right away!


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Select Subdivision Projects

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Location- Discovery Bay, California


We provided Civil Engineering Services for a 21 acre tract subdivided into 67 Single Family homes.


  • Delivered Civil Engineering Services - Grading & Drainage Plans, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan, and Stormwater Control Plan


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