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We hope that you are all staying safe and social distancing. Today, we bring you our newsletter on Feasibility Study.

 What is a Feasibility Study? 

A Feasibility Study starts with an in-depth (due diligence) research of the rules and regulations which apply to your property or building.  This includes zoning regulations, atypical building codes, and any site specific requirements such as historic or other special district designations, design reviews, environmental concerns, etc. A few of the items which are included in the feasibility study are:

  • Setbacks

  • Height limitations

  • Landscape areas

  • Amenities

  • Driveways

  • Parking layout and count

  • Open space requirements


After we complete our due diligence analysis of the regulations applicable to the project, we then determine how those regulations will impact your project. 

 We will also take a look into the overall process the project must follow and the applicable permit submission process. We will provide the information in a detailed report which we will review with you during a video call and answer your questions.


Why should you consider this before you start your project? 

Every construction project has unique technical requirements and limitations The feasibility report will explain what may be possible given those requirements and limitations and provide a guide to the timeline the project would follow. You will understand the services you will need to receive the approvals required to begin construction. You will learn about what can be built on-site, how many stories can be built, how big you can build it, setbacks, and other requirements. If you are thinking of building an ADU, JADU, a custom home, or new construction and you want to understand the maximum number of units that you can build, the feasibility report will be especially valuable for you.

 In most cases, a Feasibility study can help you gain clarity about what can be built on your plot of land and what you will need to get a building permit to construct your project. 


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Meet our Project Manager, Kelsey who explains our Feasibility Study Service in detail


Advantages of a  Feasibility Study:

  • Clarity on what can be built on your land which will help you with your decision making process before you start investing.

  • Clarity on the processes applicable for your project and permit submission requirements.

  • You can collaborate online with a qualified architect or designer and get your questions answered.

  • We can conduct the feasibility virtually making the service a safe, convenient, and economic option for you.


Feasibility Study service:

Premium Virtual Consultation and Feasibility Study: Our premium service offers a feasibility study + virtual consultation for you. We can help you understand your project in-depth for you to realize your vision and plan your project successfully. This includes our architects and designers doing a thorough investigation and research on your project and helping out in figuring out the different needs in terms of the approval process (and zoning or coding issues) to what actually can be built.


Have a look at this video to understand our complete portfolio of Teleconstruction service


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Have a look at our completed projects


Book My Teleconstruction Appointment for a Feasibility Study Now!


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Design Everest is a pre-construction management service provider, highly experienced in all types of residential and commercial engineering and design services. We have completed 4500+ projects since 2005. We are a One-Stop-Shop for complete Design and Engineering services required for addition, remodeling, ADU, commercial tenant improvement, residential and commercial seismic retrofits, and residential and commercial ground-up construction projects.


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*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with members of Design Everest.


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