Many citizens come to the city with questions about their residential needs. Some of these questions are:

• Is it lawful for my plumber to replace my water heater?
• Do I have to create plans for a simple bathroom remodel?
• Why is the city involved?

Even though it may be your property, the property is still one of the many concerns of the city, who want to ensure property safety for you and for the next set of residents in your home.

We, at Design Everest, understand that it may be your first time making additions or demolitions to your home. Do you want to hone your remodeling management skills? Below are important policies that pertain to house improvements and/or remodels in the City of Mountain View. In most cases, you will need a permit for your residential projects. There are simple permits, remodel permits, and demolition permits, described below. The departments within the City of Mountain View that would help you through the permit process include Planning, Building, Fire, Public Works, and Public Services.

Types of permits in City of Mountain View

• The simple permit is used for water heaters, furnace, reroofing, recessed lighting, or repiping (water/sewer). Simple permits don’t require any drafted plans.
• The remodel permit is used for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, laundry remodeling, new A/C, or a new gas pipe.
• The demolition permit may be used for altering or removing a building.

You may use the online e-permit service for reroofing, masonry fireplace, shower and tub enclosures, sewer line & water repiping, water heater replacement, electrical service upgrade, and/or furnace replacement. However, e-permits are only for Single Family Homes & Duplexes, not Multi-Family and Commercial Buildings. Start your residential e-permit service here.

Other factors to take into account for your remodel

• You will need the fire department’s involvement if your house is 4,100 square feet or larger.
• For Multi-Family and Commercial Buildings, please obtain your permit at the City’s Building Division Counter.
• The California law states that you need to install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms when the valuation of the work exceeds $1000. Carbon monoxide devices help protect residents from carbon monoxide poisoning which has led to many deaths in the past.
• The cost of the permit depends on the specifics of the project, including valuation, dimensions, and trade.
• Every permit needs an inspection.
• Permit submittal and pick-up can occur by different people. In the case of the permit pick-up, the property owner or a licensed contractor must be present.

We hope this article brought clarity to the permitting process in Mountain View. Have any urging questions for your structural engineering needs? Contact Design Everest at (877) 892-0288.

*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with members of Design Everest.


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