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Q: What is the difference between an architect and engineer?
A: The architect and engineer work together to build a structure but they fulfil different functions. An architect plans how the space will look and feel for the intended purpose, while an engineer provides plans to ensure structural safety and integrity of the building function is established. . Engineering has different branches such as civil engineering, structural engineering, MEP engineering and so on. 

Q: What is the difference between architecture and interior design?
A: Architecture involves the planning or designing of a structure. This means deciding the look and feel of the building and creating a vision for how it will come to life. Interior design involves bringing the space together once the structure is complete. This can include furniture selection and placement, wall colors, accessories and much more to enhance the interiors for aesthetic value.

Q: Should I hire an architect for my building project?
A: Although it is generally recommended to hire an architect, it is not a requirement for every project. Some structures can be designed without hiring an architect (such as certain single family homes upto 2 storeys). But before you decide not to hire an architect, you should check with the building department to confirm the requirements of your project. The building department will consider all factors and let you know if it is required of you to hire a licensed architect.

Q: What is 3D architectural rendering?
A: Architectural rendering involves creating three dimensional images to visualize the architectural design. It illustrates what the space will look like once it's built. A 3D rendering helps develop and display designs more accurately. It presents a very life-like representation of the design which makes it easier for investors and developers to market and sell or lease their property.

Q: What is an architectural floor plan?
A: An architectural plan shows a floor space from above. It includes the dimensions, physical elements, and relationships between rooms, spaces and other features. It is one of the main elements of an architectural design.

Q: How should I select an architect for my project?
A: There is no doubt that selecting the right architect is important for a successful project. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family or look up architects online but you should consider several major factors to make a decision, such as: area of experience and expertise, availability, number of completed projects, services offered, and cost. You can also look at their previous projects to see their work and ask for references to get an opinion.

Q: What is the difference between an architect and a civil engineer?
A: An architect’s work focuses on the design of the space and planning the aesthetics of the building. A civil engineer often gets involved in the first and vital part of projects and is responsible for site preparation activities like sewage plan, grading & drainage plans, water systems, erosion control plans, utility plans and more.

Q: What services can an architect provide? 
A: An architect can provide numerous services based on your project requirements. This includes feasibility studies to determine what can be built, developing the design/architectural plans, working with the engineer and contractor to bring your project to life, providing permit documents and much more. It is important to check that the architect you want to hire can provide all the services needed for your project.

*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with members of Design Everest.

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