We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these times. 

Are you wondering how the shelter-in-place order affects your existing and potential projects? Here is an update on how cities across California are adapting to the new COVID-19 reality. 

A series of statewide and local shelter-in-place orders in March and April have progressively restricted more and more construction activities. At first, housing construction was classified as an exempted activity. This was later significantly curtailed by some local governments to limited cases deemed essential (such as essential infrastructure and government functions, affordable housing, and COVID-19-related projects).

Regardless, we at Design Everest, have stayed busy. The reason is that several cities and counties across California have made adjustments and have their Planning and Building departments working remotely to stay on top of applications. Here are ongoing initiatives from some of our biggest cities:

  • Los Angeles: Electronic plan submission, or designated in-person drop-off/pick-up locations. See this announcement for more details.
  • San Diego: Specified plan pick-up process and drop-off locations, building permit extensions. See this announcement for more details.
  • Oakland: Electronic plan reviews and over-the-counter project review on the phone (but construction permit to be issued only to essential projects) See this announcement for more details.
  • San Jose: Electronic development review, plan review, and permit issuance (but new applications restricted to essential projects). See this webpage for more details.
  • San Francisco: Processing of previously submitted applications and addenda (but new applications restricted to essential projects). See this webpage for more details.

Similarly, Design Everest has recently obtained notices from other local governments such as the City of Palo Alto and Sonoma County on how they have adapted to the new scenario. Palo Alto has introduced a new online system for accepting, reviewing, and providing feedback on applications for planning entitlements, building permits, and other city-issued permits such as fire and utilities, with instructions. Sonoma county is also now open with their staff working remotely on permit applications.

This presents an opportunity to get ahead of the curve in getting the plans and permits ready for your next projects. As the new COVID-19 cases start to drop and the lockdown begins to loosen, things are expected to pick back up, which will create a long delay in the city reviews. 

Is there a project you are considering getting a headstart on? 

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*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with members of Design Everest.


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