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Design Everest has exprience on more than 6000+
Residential and Commercial projects across California.
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Design Everest has experience on more than 6000 Residential and Commercial projects across California

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We hope that you are all staying safe and social distancing. 

Today, we bring to you our newsletter on The Design Everest Advantages,  through which you will learn more about what to expect from us; and how you can directly benefit from the host of unique advantages that we offer. We will aim to ensure a cost-effective, hassle-free, and timely execution of quality Architecture & Engineering permit sets because of our DE advantages.


How will it work? 

 Unlike the traditional companies, Design Everest has leveraged technology to improve operational efficiencies which enables us to start working on your project as soon as you are ready, with no lag time! Our continual process optimizations allow us to reduce operational costs. We are therefore able to transfer the benefits of such improvements directly to our customers in the form of the DE Advantages listed below, at an affordable cost.


 Exclusive Design Everest Advantages For You


  • An experienced one-stop-shop with local licensed architects and engineers for all pre-construction services, including Architectural Plans, Civil & Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing System Design Services and Energy Performance Compliance Services like Title 24. 

  • Focusing on the design phase before accepting bids from contractors helps you save on the overall project cost. This approach lets you pick a competitive and meaningful construction bid for your envisioned design and quality. We can also offer multiple local contractor referrals to help you select the best quote to start the construction.

  • A dedicated Construction Support team to help you with your construction queries and support you during the construction phase with any questions that the contractor may have about the plans developed by us.

  • Single point of contact for all your needs - a dedicated project manager for your project to ensure high collaboration with the entire technical team on your behalf. We offer pre-construction management of the project through a project manager, at no additional cost. 

  • We address City/plan-check comments (if any) that are generally within the scope of our work and on our plans at no additional cost for you.

  • A dedicated Customer Support team for your help and support on any project at any time.

  • Design Everest Lounge: a curated repository of construction-related educational materials for you to gain industry knowledge and understand your project better.


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Local, Experienced & Customer Centric - Design Everest


  • Vast local experience with residential & commercial projects. Check out the attached map of project locations.

  • 15+ years of experience delivering projects of all shapes and sizes across California.

  • We innovate around our customers’ needs. As a result of the above unique DE Advantages, we have thousands of happy customers and over 200 5-star reviews in the public domain. 



Meet our Project Manager, Kelsey who explains ourTeleconstruction Service in detail


Teleconstruction Services - Design Everest


  • We offer Virtual video consultations with our Design & Engineering professionals at your convenience - Safe, Convenient, and Economic.

  • Get an exclusive Design Everest Feasibility Study & Report to know what’s feasible for the project in terms of what is possible to be built on your lot of land, considering zoning, code, and other applicable regulations as per the local authorities.

    • A feasibility study is valuable to understand zoning issues, setback requirements, how big you can build on your site, etc. This will cover the zoning analysis and coding analysis per the local authorities’ requirements.

    • A feasibility study will also outline the overall process the project must follow, services that you will need, and the applicable permit submission process. We will provide the information in a detailed report which we will review with you during a video call and answer your questions.



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About Design Everest Engineering 

Design Everest is a pre-construction management service provider, highly experienced in all types of residential and commercial engineering and design services. We have completed 4500+ projects since 2005. We are a One-Stop-Shop for complete Design and Engineering services required for addition, remodeling, ADU, commercial tenant improvement, residential and commercial seismic retrofits, and residential and commercial ground-up construction projects.


We provide the following services:


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