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“Mt. Everest is a symbol of Nature’s most impressive structure – we must ensure a sustainable planet through our hubs, technologies and building designs to preserve the future of our planet.”

Aakash Prasad
CEO, Design Everest

Aakash established Design Everest, Inc in 2005 with his father who is an experienced structural engineer in California. Later, he went on to study at UC Berkeley College of Engineering. During his experience in the technology startups, he realized that the delivery of structural engineering services in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector has remained relatively unchanged for decades, and saw the huge unique value Design Everest could bring to the industry by making technology the backbone of the company.

Zarna barday
Senior Engineer, Design Everest

Zarna has been a part of the Civil Engineering industry for about 9 years in various capacities including designing steel, concrete structures as well as land development, stormwater management & ADA accessibility. She is a CA licensed Professional Engineer. She thinks being with this industry has been an intellectually rewarding and stimulating ride so far. The AEC industry needs to adapt to new technologies with changing regulations and client needs. Design Everest offers a unique and efficient opportunity to work from home in the growing AEC industry which she thinks is far ahead of the curve offering quick coordination, faster turnaround time with quality work towards a common satisfying goal.

Zarna barday
Piotr Moncarz
Professor of Civil Engineering, Stanford University

Dr. Piotr Moncarz is an advisor at Design Everest and has worked in the areas of reinforced and prestressed concrete, wood mechanics, steel structures, earthquake engineering and seismic assessments, field and analytical structural failure investigations, structural analyses of transmission towers, and investigations of ship and offshore platform failures. Dr. Moncarz is a Stanford Certified Project Manager skilled at providing means and methods to project and program organization and management. Dr. Moncarz is an Adjunct Professor in the Civil Engineering Department of Stanford University. He is Chairman and Co-Founder of the U.S.-Polish Trade Council of Silicon Valley, vice president of the Polish American Engineers Council of North America, and chairman of ElectroMobility Poland SA.

Michael Hungerford
Developer, Founder of Hungerford Properties

Michael is an advisor at Design Everest and is at the helm of Hungerford Properties’ development projects. Michael oversees all aspects of the portfolio’s residential and commercial developments from start to finish, including rezoning, design, planning, marketing, construction, financing, sales, and completion. In the two years alone, under Michael’s direction, Hungerford Properties’ developments have won over 15 national and regional awards, including best multi-family low rise development in British Columbia. Prior to joining Hungerford Properties 8 years ago, Michael was the Head of World Wide Business and Corporate Development & World Wide Sales Operations for eGain Communications (NASDAQ: EGAN), based in Palo Alto, California.

Michael Hungerford
What is Design Everest?
What do we do?

Design Everest is a leading supplier of engineering and design services in California for residential and commercial construction. We are dedicated to providing quality engineering services with project delivery on schedule and within budget. Whether working for the property owner, contractor, architect, developer, or investor, our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services.

Where do we serve?
  • Coverage area in California
  • Year of establishment 2005
  • 75+ available engineers and designers
Our attributes
  • Experience & Quality
  • Cost Predictability
  • Value Engineering
  • Breadth of Expertise
  • Ability to Take on a Project Anytime
  • Responsiveness and Quick Turnaround

"I have had the pleasure to work one on one with Design Everest. Our company, City Construction, has had nothing but positive experiences with their entire team thus far. Whenever time is of the essence, they continuously meet our needs every single time and are very helpful when we have questions throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to any of my clients, friends or family." -Mary S.

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