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Residential Design & Engineering ServicesLoad Bearing Wall Removal in Petaluma, California

One of the maximum not unusual place varieties of domestic indoors remodels is getting rid of one or extra load-bearing partitions to create an extra open space. While it's far no small project to take down a load-bearing wall, it offers your property a greater open format and makes it sense larger and freer inside..

While sometimes a load-bearing wall can be identified based on its location, it often takes a licensed engineer in Petaluma to determine if the wall is load-bearing or not and if it is, how to safely remove it while still keeping your house structurally sound and safe for an earthquake. A local Petaluma structural engineer can make the determination from either an onsite evaluation or by looking at your home’s original blueprints that may be on record with your Petaluma city’s building department. The accidental demolition of a load-bearing wall without consulting a licensed structural engineer can cause a lot of damage, not the least of which is the safety and integrity of your family’s home. For more information visit

Load Bearing Wall Removal in Petaluma, California

Understanding the importance of load-bearing walls in a home or building renovations is an important part of the design process.Most cities will require a building permit for load-bearing wall removal. If any plumbing or electrical wires are in your load-bearing wall, you will usually need separate permits for those as well.. Our experienced & licensed Petaluma structural engineers are here to help with high-quality engineering plans that preserve stability throughout all phases of a project. Remodeling is our bread and butter. We’ve helped with countless load-bearing wall removals.With our fully licensed and insured team of structural engineers and Architects in Petaluma, California, we have the experience you need to get your projects involving the load-bearing walls completed on time and under budget.

Home Remodel
Load Bearing Wall Removal Calculations

We can refer you to reputable skilled contractors, our licensed Petaluma, Structural Engineers that are experienced in executing the more complex remodeling that involves the removal of load-bearing walls. Architects choose us for these more complicated projects due to our competitive pricing, high-quality work, and optimized permit approval process.

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