Negin Shiraghaei

Negin has over 15 years of experience in broadcasting, content creation, and innovative storytelling.

She was one of the main faces on BBC Persian for 10 years. From international news to the conflict in the Middle East, Negin presented and produced hundreds of programs that had a deep and lasting impact in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

She is passionate about women’s rights and has been active in increasing the number of female contributors in the media, especially in Persian speaking media, both inside and outside her workplace. She has spoken at the UN Human Rights Council on the impact of online harassment on female journalists.

She is born and raised in Iran, fluent in Farsi and English.

28 October 2020
Christine Lampert

(Lampert Dias Architects)


In 2020 again, California wildfires raged through houses and personal property. Christine Lampert argues that our homes don't have to be helpless against such disasters. In this Design Everest interview, she shares how we can design houses and buildings that are more resistant to fires along with practical tips.

25 October 2020
Daniel shares

(Founder, Warren Design)


Daniel shares his insights and experience on upcoming technologies and processes in architecture and how they have been accelerated post-COVID. He gives us a glimpse of how the architecture industry in California is adjusting to the new normal and what are the steps forward.

20 October 2020
Christine Lampert

(Lampert Dias Architects)


Christine is an adjunct professor of architecture at University of Southern California and running her own company. This gives her a unique insight to the AEC industry. She believes to address the challenges of COVID 19 for the business we have to rethink the way we approach architecture and design. She offers solutions: “hackable buildings” and “better air flow” are some of them.

18 October 2020
Paul Asaro

(CEO of Asaro Architecture)


Can we make a house pandemic proof? In this interview, Paul discusses building safe houses that can withstand wildfire, flood, earthquake and allergy. He shares his insight into how to build such houses and how far we can go. Can we actually build a house that is COVID-19 resistant?

16 October 2020
Matthew Bowles

(Co-founder and Architect AMLGM)


Matthew's entrepreneurial personality and inventive mindset emphasize the future of the built environment with exciting yet functional built work. In this Design Everest TV interview, he talks about the Bay Area's construction industry and why it needs new talent and innovation

14 October 2020
Courtney Miller

(Ecobuild Architects)


Courtney Miller has a tip for commercial space owners and realtors who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes that architects can help them to redesign their space within budget to turn their empty spaces into a profitable business. How? He explains it in this interview with Design Everest TV.

12 October 2020
Harper Halprin

(AIA; Architecture & Founder AAHA Studio.)


The impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector can be massive but architects can help this sector to reinvent hospitality for a future with more pandemics. She believes that architects need to be in the forefront of creating solutions. “Today it is COVID, in the future it might be something completely different.” says Harper Halprin.

12 October 2020
Carrie Shores Diller

(Principal at Inspired ADUs and Larson Shores Architecture and Interiors.)


Carrie Shores Diller explains how ADUs are a way to forward amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. She believes that ADUs can be designed beautifully to accommodate the needs of modern life. In this interview with Negin Shiraghaei, she also sheds a light on her vision about the future of architecture.

8 October 2020
Dale Cummins

(Cummins Architecture & Design)


Social distancing and the lockdown have separated a lot of family members and put the elder generation in isolation. Dale Cummins from Cummins Architecture & Design argues that ADUs, especially in California, can help introduce a new normal after COVID-19. In this video, Dale shares valuable insights from his experience and the way forward.

11 May 2020

(Matthew Burkert, Director of Engineering Design Everest)


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the team at design Everest came up with a new concept: Tele-construction. We ask Methew Burkert, Director of Engineering Design Everest, what is tele-construction, and how does it help the clients.

28 April 2020
Mohan Mahal

(CEO of Sustainable Innovative Design and Construction (SIDCO))


Net Zero Home creates a sustainable lifestyle. A zero energy building (ZEB) produces enough renewable energy to meet its own annual energy consumption requirements, thereby reducing the use of non-renewable energy in the building sector. Mohan Mahal wants to change California’s housing market with this relatively new solution. But in his interview with Negin Shiraghaei he admits the biggest challenge is to change people’s mindset.

23 April 2020
John Arendsen

(Contractor and Manufactured Home Dealer, Crest Backyard Homes)


As a licensed General Contractor and Manufactured Home Contractor (B&C-47), a licensed Real Estate Broker and Manufactured Home Dealer, John has seasoned experience in all facets of housing. In this interview, he recalls the changes in California’s housing market and talks about his speciality: ADU

21 April 2020
Eric Lamascus; Elite Construction

(Eric Lamascus - Founder and CEO Elite Construction Services)


Eric Lamascus, CEO of Elite Construction believes that 3D printing will change the construction industry in the next 5 years. But there is a catch! In this insightful interview, he shares his view on the future, ADU and more. Join Negin and Eric to get a better understanding of the market in California.

18 April 2020
Rameses Sorrell; Architectural Professional Consultant

(Rameses Sorrell - Architectural Professional Consultant)


Rameses Sorrell has been working on Multi-Family housing in LA, California. He believes this is the future of housing in this region because of population density and the growing needs for housing. In this exclusive interview with Design Everest TV, he also talks about the future of the construction industry... Read More

16 April 2020
Jessica Passage; Customer Success Manager Design Everest

(Jessica Passage - Customer Success Manager Design Everest)


Jessica has over seven years of experience as a customer service and sales representative. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to client success and providing the highest professional standard. In this interview, she shares insight into ADU and customer service success.

14 April 2020
Vern Wulfekuhle; Director of Architecture at Design Everest

(Vern Wulfekuhle - Director of Architecture at Design Everest)


Vern has experience with numerous commercial projects, from new office buildings to master planning and sequencing of renovations for a major bank. Projects have included hotels, museums, restaurants, single-family homes and multi-family developments... Read More

20 August 2019
Reinventing engineering industry

(Mathew Burkert / Negin Interview)


Mathew Burkert argues the engineering industry is outdated and needs to catch up to the trends of the new world. He talks about the ways that cities can change the process and help California to enter the new world.

20 August 2019
The housing crisis in CA; Can technology save us?

(Aakash Prasad / Negin Interview)


The birthplace of technology is struggling hard. The biggest names in the market are unable to address the biggest side effect of technology: the housing crisis in California. Is there anything they can do? Aakash Prasad, CEO of Design Everest and a proud Californian with family links to both construction and technology answers.

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