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At no additional cost to you, we will undertake the pre-construction management of your project through a dedicated Project Manager. This means taking your stress away of coordinating your project, taking care of all your project needs and expectations, and managing the entire design process on your behalf.

Our clients love the benefits of having a dedicated Project Manager as their guide throughout all the stages of their projects.
Here is what they have said about our Project Management service:

Design Everest has successfully completed over 8000 simple to complex projects in California working with cities' Planning and Building departments, and coordinating across multiple design and engineering disciplines for Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings. Our experience has taught us that handling projects alone does not ensure a project's success. A proactive and collaborative approach to project execution is essential. Your Project Manager ensures both approaches are factored in the project execution at all stages, and will work directly with you to get the project executed as per your vision.

The PM Advantage Here's how your project manager will help you:

A typical New Construction, Addition or a Remodel project may require a plethora of professional services including but limited to Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering, MEP & HVAC Design and Title 24. We are a One-stop solution as we deliver quality plans for all these services, and your Project Manager will ensure all these plans are well coordinated, and are delivered on schedule.

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We understand many of our customers may be worried about executing a construction project which often requires multiple disciplinary engagements like Architecture, Engineering, MEP Design & Title 24, while the industry is heavily regulated, and the work is highly technical. Design Everest has a strong experienced team of licensed Architects, Engineers, and Drafters, and we have successfully executed thousands of residential and commercial projects in various Cities and Counties in California. We can therefore provide you with the right team of Architect/Engineer/Designer for your project, along with a dedicated Project Manager who will coordinate the whole project for you and ensure successful execution of your project.

Our proprietary system Design Hub allows us to optimize our resources so that we are able to take on a project any time and provide our client a headstart for obtaining the building permits. We work with you to seek your approval of the work in a phased way so that all your comments are addressed throughout the project.

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