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May 20, 2019
Design Everest

In this month’s newsletter, we focus on foundations and the various factors one should consider while selecting the type of foundation needed for a structure. To help you understand in detail about the same, take a look at our blog post Types of Foundation Systems and the Cost Implications of Building.

Strong foundations can support your building for a long time and prevent problems like foundation cracks and early building ground settlement. When it comes to doing home extensions like adding a porch or building a detached Additional Dwelling Unit, it is imperative you seek out professional guidance in evaluating and preparing your foundations for construction.

Services for Foundation Engineering

Design Everest's team of licensed PE and SE engineers are highly experienced in providing engineering services across California for any type of foundation projects. We have completed more than 100 foundation related projects in the past two years alone!

We provide the following engineering services for foundations:

  • On-Site Evaluations (for foundation inspection)
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (for the ground preparation of the foundation project)
  • Construction Administration Support for Contractors (​with a dedicated phone number (888) 512-3152 and email

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Select Foundation Projects

Design Everest

Location - San Jose, CA


  • Foundation for a residential addition (extension of the existing house by adding a new Family Room)
  • Foundation added is a continuous raft foundation with the addition of three separate footings
Design Everest

Location - Scotts Valley, CA


  • Foundation for New Custom House which also includes the foundation built for the retaining wall
  • Foundation for retaining wall - a continuous foundation which runs along the wall
  • Foundation for the walls - continuous foundation which runs along the length of the wall
  • Isolated/Pad footings - there are 22 pad footings which support the load of the superstructure

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