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Design Everest is a true one-stop solution for all your Architecture and Engineering needs in Berkeley. Our experienced and licensed Architects from Berkeley can provide complete design, planning and permit approval services for all kinds of Residential & Commercial projects. Our Architect can help you achieve your dream of an extraordinary space that is affordable, livable, timeless, creative and innovative.

Our Architecture & Engineering Services

Architecture Services for Residential Projects

Design Everest has vast experience in providing Architecture services for all kind of Residential projects in Berkeley. Our licensed and experienced architects put special emphasis on value design, optimum space utilisation with ease of use, and the artistry of the design itself.
Once your architectural permit set is approved by the city, we can also provide the necessary engineering permit sets as an optional service, and connect you with local contractors for quick project completion.
If you are looking for architects near your location that understands Berkeley department of Building Inspection requirements, and has the experience of producing quality architectural plans, Design Everest is your best choice.
We provide Architectural services for all kind of Residential Projects be it a new custom home, remodel/addition/renovation, ADUs, Fire rebuild, Seismic Retrofit and many more.

Architecture Services for Commercial Projects

Whether you plan to build a commercial building, rent a commercial space or want to customize your facility to better suit your business needs, Design Everest is here to help you with Architecture & Engineering services in Berkeley. We can help you with Architecture & Engineering plans to get you your building permits so you can complete your construction on time and within budget.
The entire process of getting a remodel or new construction can often get overwhelming! Why worry though when you have Design Everest to help you at every step along the way, from start to finish. Design Everest has vast experience in providing Architectural services for all kind of Commercial Projects in Berkeley be it a ground up construction, tenant improvement, hotels, multifamily & condominium,warehouse, offices and many more.

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DE Advantage
We are the ones you want Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services
DE Advantage

We are the ones you need
Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services. Since 2005, we have gained the experience of 8000+ residential and commercial projects for end-customers and industry-partners, powering over $500M of construction annually through our innovative and remote delivery method. We have a dedicated Construction Support team to quickly resolve any design and engineering queries during the construction phase. Design Everest does not give up on a project until the last nail is in the wall.

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