ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) or Granny flats/units are an innovative, affordable, effective option to increase the value and space of your home. ADUs are affordable in California as they do not require paying for land, major new infrastructure, structured parking, or elevators. Further it can also provide an additional source of income for homeowners.

  • Architecture Services

    The first step of building a ADU home/Junior ADU/Multifamily ADU is to have an architectural plan. Design Everest have successfully delivered architectural plans for several ADU projects in Berkeley and neighboring cities in California, where client converted their garage, basement and backyard to a living space, studio, office bedroom or an apartment. We have experience with Attached and detached,both kind of ADUs. So, if you are planning to build/remodel a ADU and do not have a floor plan handy, we are happy to connect you with one of our local and trusted Architect partners in Berkeley. Our partner architects specialize in various architectural styles and can create an Architectural Permit set for any design styles you have in mind.

  • Engineering Services

    You might need Engineering support with plans and permits while building or remodeling your attached/detached ADU/JADU or multifamily ADU in Berkeley. Our Structural, Civil and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) engineers can take your ADU vision and iron out the details to ultimately create the ADU plans for construction. We then work with you across the ADU construction and oversee every step of the project.

  • Energy Permits
    Interior Remodel and Multifamily ADU, Redwood City, CA
    • Interior Remodel of the kitchen in the existing units.
    • Two garages were converted into a single ADU unit with 2 beds and 2 baths and an office. The building previously had 4 units.
    • We provided the Architecture Permit Set and Structural Engineering for the project
    Energy Permits

    TITLE 24 and CALGREEN are Building Energy Efficiency Standards required in the State of California for new and existing buildings to achieve and maintain energy efficiency. If you are looking for energy efficiency plans for your ADU/ Multi family ADU in Berkeley, our experienced engineers can help you with that as well as obtaining the required permits.

  • Construction Administration
    Remodel/Addition and ADU, Palo Alto
    • Remodeling the living room and kitchen to make a Great Room
    • Open concept kitchen addition (840 sq. ft.) for the new Owner Suite, Owner Bath, and walk-in closet creating 190 sqft for the garage
    • A new 240 sq ft ADU in the backyard
    Construction administration

    We provide Construction Administration services to ensure your construction goes according to the plans.
    To make this process streamlined and efficient we have developed a dedicated channel wherein you can easily submit your queries by using any of the website forms on this page to get quick engineering support during the construction phase.
    Construction Administration during the construction phase is essential in avoiding a rework due to a contractor’s misinterpretations of your design plan. It prevents possible construction delays and unnecessary expenses.

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Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services. Since 2005, we have gained the experience of 8000+ residential and commercial projects for end-customers and industry-partners, powering over $500M of construction annually through our innovative and remote delivery method. We have a dedicated Construction Support team to quickly resolve any design and engineering queries during the construction phase. Design Everest does not give up on a project until the last nail is in the wall.

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