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  • I have used Design Everest for several houses and the experience has been great each time. They have a team of designers, architects, structural engineers, and project managers to make sure things are constantly being completed and moving forward.
    We went through countless iterations until my vision was brought to life. Their guidance and experience helped navigate through issues before the arose, bringing our dream into reality.
    I will recommend Design Everest to anyone looking to complete the plans of their dreams quickly with a team of experts at a reasonable price.

    David B. 5 star
    Location: Oakland, CA
  • Good experience with knowledgeable Engineer for new house design

    Stephen P. 5 star
    Location: Emeryville, Alameda County, CA
  • Extremely professional, superbly responsive, meticulous in their quality of work.

    I am impressed with Aakash and his team. Extremely professional, superbly responsive, meticulous in their quality of work. I could not have asked for more. I have definitely enjoyed working with them and would certainly recommend them to friends and family !!

    RATUL C. 5 star
    Project date: July 2017
  • I used Design Everest for the structural engineering on a new single family home. It was a unique project as it is in the burn scar of the Valley Fire in Lake County. We are building on the foundation from the previous home. From my first contacts with Design Everest, they were professional, excellent listeners and worked to be accommodating on this unusual project.
    We had a "bump in the road" and the team worked together to quickly resolve the problem and turned out great results.
    The plans were reviewed by the County Building Department on the first pass and the permit issued. We are now starting construction.
    I would highly recommend the services of Design Everest.

    Patrick K. 5 star
    Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Best engineering company ever! Expensive but absolutely worth it. No brainer company with fixing all issues by comments from the city.

    Adam 5 star
  • I have worked with 4-5 engineers over the last two years of running my architecture firm. Sadly, I hadn't quite found an engineer that was a good fit for me. After working with Design Everest on 3-4 projects in the last few months, I've been really impressed. They have a clear pricing structure, thorough drawings and calculation. They have taken the initiative to drive project progress and work well with owners and consultants. Highly recommended if you need any structural work done in the Bay Area!

    Danny B. 5 star
  • This was our first opportunity to (work) with an architectural design team and the experience couldn't have been better. From our initial conversation with Josh who made me feel like I was talking to a friend as he explained every detail and price point to our amazing experience working with our Project Manager, Nanak. Like Josh he took the time to explain every aspect of the project, constantly checking in to make sure our questions were answered and that we were comfortable throughout the process with unmatched professionalism. To say this team would be highly recommended by my wife and I would be an understatement. They took the Customer Experience to a level that's difficult to replicate.

    Bill H. 5 star
    Location: Costa Mesa, CA
  • Our Architect directed us to this company for structural drawings and plans. I have to say, in the entire process of purchasing a home, coming up with architectural plans for a remodel and then translating into structural drawings, Design Everest was head and shoulders above all the parties involved. The PM (Nanak) was prompt, on top of the details and very responsive. He proactively flagged any delays and hold up in schedule and followed up with updates on status and any feedback from the city or engineer throughout the process. I highly recommend them for their professionalism, promptness and efficiency.

    Anil M. 5 star
    Location: San Jose, CA
  • We worked with a designer, a project manager, a structural engineer, and a Title 24 expert from Design Everest to design an ADU. Their close coordination allowed us to remotely design a custom ADU during the coronavirus epidemic. They were patient and allowed the design to iterate many times. Now it's time to build the ADU!

    Douglas M. 5 star
    Location: Marina Del Ray, Los Angeles
  • To complete plans for a garage to ADU conversion, I did what I always do! I went to Yelp to find an engineer. I got several quotes through Yelp's consultation/quote platform and settled on this company for their responsiveness and reasonable pricing. They were able to provide engineering plans coinciding with the city's requests, provided them in a timely manner, and they were approved during the subsequent plan check. Bonus services I wasn't aware of when I signed a contract with them.... dedicated service line for engineering questions during the construction process, and access to an assigned project manager to help facilitate the process. The payment was seamless and involved two phases, with final payment once the plans were delivered. Customer service was exceptional throughout and now I enjoy their periodic educational emails on hot topics in real estate. I didn't realize, but this branch is part of a series of offices of a large company. So you get the resources of a large company with the personalized feeling of a mom-and-pop shop.

    Casey M. 5 star
  • They promised a date and delivered right on time.

    Design Everest is a very organized and professional company, I can't say enough good things about them. They are very prompt and courteous in all communications. Their prices are competitive. I recently had a project I needed engineering for right away, they promised a date and delivered right on time which enabled the project to continue without any headaches. Thank you, Design Everest!

    BROC S. 5 star
    Project date: March 2017
  • Our company, City Construction, has had nothing but positive experiences.

    I have had the pleasure to work one on one with Design Everest. Our company, City Construction, has had nothing but positive experiences with their entire team thus far. Whenever time is of the essence, they continuously meet our needs every single time and are very helpful when we have questions throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to any of my clients, friends or family.

    MARY S. 5 star
    Project date: March 2016
  • I rarely see such kind off service in the construction space in the bay area. So was happy to see that; and would 100% recommend them to anyone. You will not regret going with Design Everest - (i can comment on the structural engineering services). They provide high quality work, at reasonable rates and have real high standards for their customer service." I used Design Everest to complete the structural design for my extension. Overall, the experience with the company and individuals within the company was exceptional. Getting into a little bit more details - my initial negotiation and contract work was handled by Jessica P.. She stayed on top of my concerns, made sure she addressed all in a timely manner; and was happy adding some of my requested terms in the contract too. Once we signed the contract, she was in regular touch with me to keep a track of the city's planning approval of my architectural drawings. While we were waiting for the City Approvals, she got the as structural design work completed. As soon the city (Planning department) approved the design plans - she handed me off to her core team or structural engineers and a project manager - Mayank S. Mayank has since then been with me throughout the complete project. He got the structural drawings for submission completed on time - and the quality was great! We barely had a couple comments from the city - and most were clarification over actual redesign. Mayank responded to those in a timely fashion (< 24 hours turn around); so we could get the full package approved through the city and ready to get my building permit issued. Post that, Mayank stayed side by side through out the construction phase and answered every question the contractor or I had. The key thing to note - by now, I had already paid them in full, and our original contract only included 2-3 consults during constructions. But Mayank and Jessica had assured me they would stay by side throughout the project and they held to their words. Every 2 or so months, we would have questions for Mayank and the structural engineer - they would take approx 24 hours to get back to us with guidance/direction. So they literally stayed by our side, and continued the provide the same level of service that their sales team had provided to win the contract.

    Shrenik Shah 5 star
    Location: San Mateo
  • We have used Design Everest on two projects now. One in Soquel and one in Capitola. We have enjoyed working with them, and they have a very fast turn around time. We will continue to work with Design Everest on our future projects.

    Samantha Aberle 5 star
  • The engineers at Design Everest were very efficient and cost effective.

    Aakash and the engineers at Design Everest were very efficient and cost effective. My project was very complicated, and the building permit process, and inspections, in Sausalito are rigorous. More specifically, I needed a detailed plan for an elevated deck situated on a steep slope. I am very pleased with the result, and with the polite and professional treatment that I received.

    ANGELA GILBERT W. 5 star
    Project date: July 2016
  • "These SE (structural) guys are the top best. We highly suggest getting started with a quick call to Josh and setup your LA design needs. We found him to work on a LA hillside property in the City of LA and have been doing other LA and Long Beach design Remodel projects near there. They have done Structural Reports as well as Details and Calculations for other LA Building Projects. The service is great and the speed of communication helps when permits are processed at turbo intervals. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST..."

    Rob 5 star
    Location: LOS ANGELES
  • They really spent time to understand what my project needs.

    Design Everest has been excellent to work with. They really spent time to understand what my project needs were and provided excellent feedback. They are very responsive to all communications for my projects. They are all very skilled and I would not hesitate to use them again for all of my future engineering projects.

    HARLEY B. 5 star
    Project date: August 2017
  • I wanted to see if my house would require any retrofitting and started looking online and found Design Everest. They initially wanted to visit my house to assess the current condition and to judge the level of retrofitting required.An engineer visited my house to look at the foundationand current state of the house. He made me understand what would be required to completely retrofit the house. They came back with a quote to do the engineering for the retrofit and also they credited back with a quote to do the engineering for the retrofit and also they credited back the amount they charged for the engineering visit! Everything went very smoothly and they were very open with the communicating the progress and they completed their work on time and city engineers also passed the design without many comments. I am very happy to have found them and I would recommend them to all.

    - BARBARA C. 5 star
  • We used Design Everest for structural plans to remove two load bearing walls for our home renovation. The entire process from start to finish was exceptional. We had the pleasure of working with Jessica, Zaira, and Matt. They went above and beyond to help us coordinate the permit package in a quick turnaround time. They were extremely friendly, promptly returned calls or emails (even on their days off on occasion), and flexible to our requests for changes. The whole team was professional and the cost and turnaround time was very fair compared to some of the other quotes we received. We had our permit finalized last week without one change required from the city! I would most definitely use Design Everest for any future work as well as recommend them if given the chance.

    - LEAH K. 5 star
  • I would like to thank Design Everest and Dan Naum on a job well done. I called Design Everest to inspect my townhouse because I was having problems with the HOA. When Dan arrived to my residence, the first thing he did was ask what was my issues and what I wanted from him. I explained my situation and Dan took it from there. He did a thorough job and explained what his findings were. Once again great job from Design Everest and especially Dan Naum.

    - Rodney J 5 star
  • I worked with Josh at Design Everest to schedule a residential foundation assessment and report. Josh had great follow through, great communication, and was able to schedule an engineer's visit in just a few days. The engineer was professional and had the completed report back to me in 3 days flat. The price was very fair compared to other estimates I received.

    - Vanessa C 5 star
    Glendale, LA
  • I called Design Everest because we had notice some settling in our house and on our deck after having lived in the house for a year and wanted to have a structural engineer come take a look to asses the situation. Design Everestwas prompt and friendly, and sent an engineer to take a look. While on site, he took me around the structure and showed me what he was seeing. He answered all my questions and produced a thorough report. Fortunately, my foundation is in tip top shape but the piece of mind was definitely worth having them take a look.

    David D. 5 star
    Location: Berkeley, CA
  • Francis came to give me an evaluation of the foundation in my detached garage and gave me great advise and insight into how foundations were made in 1950s when it was made. He was professional and thorough and everyone else I dealt with was friendly and patient. Thank you!

    CORCOR 5 star
  • This is the review for Brittany - PM who was consulting me. I contacted them about creaky floors I have in my condos and at first I received a proposal for their engineer to come and check my upstairs neighbor floors and write a report (the cost is ~$900). I asked Brittany to give me more details about work to be done during the evaluation, so I can schedule time with my HOA and my neighbors. She contacted their engineer and then got back to me saying that I might need a contractor to come and check the floors first, described what would be done by a contractor and maybe that would be enough to fix the issue without spending more money than needed. I appreciate their professionalism and being pro-active about checking best options for their customers. And also what getting back to me quickly. Great customer service!

    Ekaterina K. 5 star
    San Francisco, CA
  • Very easy to work with, very responsive. The final project turned out great. Highly recommended!
    Tom T. 5 star
    Location: Santa Clara, CA
  • I would unequivocally recommend them and look forward to working with them on future projects.

    We hired Design Everest in the midst of a headlong rush to meet a high consequence, do-or-die regulatory deadline. If permitted in time: secure retirement. If not…unthinkable disaster. To complicate matters, this was happening in the middle of a building boom: all local engineers were booked months out, minimum. Design Everest came up first on google; that’s all we knew about them. They sent references and it immediately became apparent that they are a solid, established outfit. We began to relax just a little.

    Their rush upcharge was modest and fair, especially considering that their base fee was lower than anyone else, and their default turnaround time already faster than anyone else's. I had started the structural engineering on this project myself, with guidance from a long-time friend and college who is a real engineer. Design Everest’s quote handily beat both his price and his timeline to finish the job. My friend suggested that we go ahead and try them in light of my time line, but warned me that a large, get-it-done firm like this was likely to run roughshod over the nuances of our design and unusual preferences.

    Our project turned out to be even more complicated than any of us thought. It had a number of things no one had ever seen before. Additionally, we have environmental considerations that went well beyond the usual and foreclosed on the option of just throwing concrete and steel at the problems until solved. Despite taking what I suspect was far more hours from more senior staff than I think they based their quote on, Design Everest respected their originally quoted price. The speed were were going posed yet more complications. For example, we were feeding them drawings to base their engineering on before they were entirely finished. All this was successfully navigated. I felt like the nuances and preferences were respected as much as building codes allowed. We were over a barrel with the high stakes timeline, and others had taken advantage of our vulnerable position. I half expected an email shaking us down for more money, but Design Everest really stuck to the high road and just performed. The first submission had a number of easily solved comments, the revised submission had zero comments on the structural. I would unequivocally recommend them and look forward to working with them on future projects.

    ART L. 5 star
  • I have had the pleasure to work one on one with Design Everest. Our company, City Construction, has had nothing but positive experiences with their entire team thus far. Whenever time is of the essence, they continuously meet our needs every single time and are very helpful when we have questions throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to any of my clients, friends or family.

    BRIAN C. 5 star
  • Provide excellent structural engineering solutions in a timely manner.

    The Design Everest team is highly professional and provide excellent structural engineering solutions in a timely manner.

    STEVE H. 5 star
  • Very detailed oriented and extremely responsive.

    As part of a remodeling project in our home in east bay, I had pleasure to work with their engineer. I found him very detailed oriented and extremely responsive. In no time he could understand complex structure of the home and came up with the engineering design of the remodel. The city approved his design in no time. Will definitely recommend him!

    PEYUSH A. 5 star
  • Delivered on time, provided a high-quality and most importantly a cost-effective solution.

    After connecting through their Craigslist ad, I was immediately impressed with their responsiveness, can-do attitude and refreshingly straightforward approach. My project had some unusual structural aspects which seemed to disturb in some manner other structural engineers (resulting in some out-of-sight bids - and wild, expensive solutions). Design Everest delivered on time, provided a high-quality and most importantly a cost-effective solution - and continue to support me through the implementation process. It's a delight to find such a capable, honest and courteous professional to work with on a challenging project. Thank you!!

    CHRIS T. 5 star
  • I purchased a large carport for 5th wheel and boat cover here in the middle of the Mojave desert. The carport was used, was assembled for two days and red tagged by the city. The owner failed to permit, obtain any plans, etc.
    I purchased it st a great price. When I started my journey I obtained the Town's requirements. I need structural engineering. I emailed some here on Yelp (which worked great) Design Everest replied quickly.
    Now, I gave then my graph-paper drawings and lots of photos. Jessica and Ali has the patience of Job. I was in no real hurry yet because no permit was pulled yet. I received plans by email and appear through.
    I will be pulling permit this week and Jessica guaranteed they are married to this project and will make any corrections required by my Town. Communication was great! Staff was always available by email and telephone.
    The best part was they were able to take on a difficult case with little information from me and none from the manufacturer. I would recommend them and use again.

    Andy A. 5 star
    Location: Apple Valley, CA
  • "I hired Design Everest(DE) to do an engineering study with lateral analysis for an addition on a second story of a townhouse(so...complicated).
    I got three quotes, two from solo engineers and another from DE. The prices was very similar (actually DE was the lowest,but barely so). The solo engineers both had very limited customer service skills, was slow to respond, and/or seemed offended by my requests to communicate the need to keep townhouse limitations in mind when drawing up the engineering. One even tried to upsell me on his hardware.
    DE is a company that puts itself between you and the engineer - which is a good thing i found. They respond quickly all the time with good customer service. The engineer (who I never needed to speak with directly besides the site visit) got my townhouse concerns through them and was able to make an appropriate plan that wasn't too complicated without further word from me.
    When the city asked for some further calculations, they responded with their timeline promptly and delivered an update.

    Next time I have need of an engineer.I"ll go straight to DE."

    Gabe O. 5 star
    Location: Sunnyvale, CA
  • Fast turnaround, excellent communication and solid product. Pricing was reasonable and their follow up was consistent. Would recommend using this company.

    Grant Goyette 5 star
    Location: San Francisco
  • very responsive group of professional, will follow your project all the way to completion.

    Farid Davanloo 5 star
    Location: San Francisco
  • Design Everest was the best thing that happened to me when it came to choose a reputable architect company for my dream project. Their communication, work ethic,execution is just top notch. Our main architect was Roman(??) who did a stupendous job from start to finish. My Project was complicated and city of san jose planning deptt was not of any help but design everest team not only helped us meet all the permit requirements but also helped in addressing all the city comments hence getting construction permits. Even during the construction if we had any problem, design.e was right there to help us. I dont know where i would be today without them ,maybe/probably just lost in permit process. They just helped me realize my dream . i highly recommend them and will use their services again if needed.

    Dr Raj S. 5 star
  • I reached out to Design Everest while looking for a residential structural engineering inspection in what happened to be a very short time window. Although I did not end up needing the inspection in the end, the agent who worked with me (Brittany) displayed the utmost professionalism and responsiveness in communicating between me and the potential inspector on the requirements of my request and timing, including communication after business hours to get everything lined up. This interaction gave me confidence that Design Everest is a well-run organization. As a result, I would definitely look to Design Everest for a structural engineering inspection project in the future.

    Justin D's 5 star
  • This is the review for Brittany - PM who was consulting me. I contacted them about creaky floors I have in my condos and at first I received a proposal for their engineer to come and check my upstairs neighbor floors and write a report (the cost is ~$900). I asked Brittany to give me more details about work to be done during the evaluation, so I can schedule time with my HOA and my neighbors. She contacted their engineer and then got back to me saying that I might need a contractor to come and check the floors first, described what would be done by a contractor and maybe that would be enough to fix the issue without spending more money than needed. I appreciate their professionalism and being pro-active about checking best options for their customers. And also what getting back to me quickly. Great customer service!

    Ekaterina K. 5 star
    Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Highly recommend utilizing Design Everest to fulfill all of your Architectural, and Structural design specifications.

    Ganesh 5 star
    Location: San Diego
  • DE was amazing with their follow up and providing us quality service in a prompt manner. They seem to be a one stop shop and can still customize what you need.
    Communication is a strength and they were able to do as much hand holding as I needed. Highly recommend!

    Jules M. 5 star
    Location: Oakland
  • I am very satisfied with the service I received. The plans were ready on time, plan check responces required were minimal. Mathew even checked in while he was travelling. The design was clear and straightforward.

    Richard J. 5 star
    Location: Redwood City, CA
  • We engaged Design Everest to prepare the damage assessment report for the damage that happened at our Condo garage. The Engineer's report was very detailed and the Design Everest team did a through job of following through and setting up time to come visit while ensuring all questions were addressed.

    Anurag Mahajan 5 star
  • This is my first experience with doing a ADU and thus far Design Everest has done an excellent job of walking me the process. Ronak Thakker, the project manager, has coordinated zoom meetings with the architect, structural engineer to explain the plans, and answer my questions or concerns. I am now in the process of securing a contractor and submitting plans to acquire a permit. Very professional and straightforward company. I recommend to anyone that's a novice in this area and wants guidance in home projects.

    Grace A. 5 star
    Location: San Jose
  • Aakash and his team have gone above and beyond for the remodel that I needed structural design for. Actually, I started with them and they also referred me to my architect as well who has also done a great job.

    They were one of the few firms that was willing to take this project on as many other firms (politely) let me know that his was too small a project for them. Through the initial quote, revisions, deferred submittals, Aakash and his team have been thorough, prompt and have taken the time and efforts to explain to me how to move forward with the project. Structural engineering is not an inexpensive endeavor however, after getting a few bids, I went with Design Everest feeling comfortable with the value I was getting - having worked with them, I feel validated with this decision.

    They stuck with their word in terms of addressing all the City of Mountain View's comments and provided letters (at no additional charge) when needed to help me continue this project. Through the delays and revisions, through no fault of Design Everest, they kept to their word and provided the necessary details, calculations, drawings, etc. that allowed this project to start, progress and move forward. Their work has met all requirements set forth by the City.

    My contractor was equally as impressed with their designs and he was also appreciative that when he came to the engineer with requested changes in the field, that they were as agile as they were to update the plans and drawing during construction to facilitate his requested construction method.

    Thank you to Aakash and his team for everything and I would use them in the future, without needing to go anywhere else, and I highly recommend them as well.

    SA3athletics S. 5 star
    Location: Mountain View, CA
  • We hired Design Everest to layout the plan for a new bathroom in the downstairs portion of our house. The communication with the team at DE was clear and the initial plans designed as planned. We were able to get a permit from the LA city and the work is under construction. One thing could be improved: better communication around the plumbing plans that the city could have required (they did not) for the permit, that wasn't clear from the start. Other than that, everything went smoothly!

    Jean B 5 star
    Location: Los Angeles
  • I been remodel my and my family home for many times, Design Everest is the best company to work with by far! Transparence pricing, professional team and excellent customer services. I highly recommend this company to everyone! Remodel your home can be emotionally, I was so worried about the outcome. Once I met with Design Everest team, they made sure everything goes well. I felt so much better and I LOVE my new home!! Thanks to the team!

    J Guo 5 star
    Location: San Francisco
  • Design Everest was responsive, easy to communicate with, professional and thorough. I will be using them again on another project for a second property I just brought.

    Tim S 5 star
    Location: Palo Alto, CA
  • Working with Design Everest, Inc. was a fabulous experience. I engaged with Design Everest to design an 800 SF ADU with a 450 SF patio. The work was completed flawlessly, professionally and ahead of schedule. I highly recommend this firm.

    Clyde W. 5 star
    Location: Saratoga, CA
  • I was referred to this company design Everest because I wanted to build A small ADU in the back of my house. I thought maybe because I m building some thing small they would treat me differently but on the contrary I felt like they treat me as if I was building $1 million house. I ll definitely recommend them. I don t need to give me quality work but it also give me great service. Everyone were really nice but my dealing was primarily with Ronak who was my project manager and Lothain was my designer. Don t know what else to say about them they really are great people. I definitely recommend this company. And I will definitely do business with them again

    Margareth P. 5 star
    Location: Vallejo, CA
  • Our three car garage supports two bedrooms on the second floor. It was built by the laughable standards of pre Loma Prieta and Northridge, and it is badly in need of a seismic retrofit. I have been looking since early this year for an engineering firm to do the structural study for such a retrofit. I was happy to have found Design Everest. The team is quite professional and efficient. It took about 40 days, from initial contact to final plans and structural calculations ready for permit application. I enjoyed interacting with the technical team and I would hire them again for another project.

    Daniele M. 5 star
    Location: San Francisco, CA
  • I highly recommend Design Everest. I engaged with this firm to design my 800SF/450SF ADU. The project was completed flawlessly and on-time. The design that was done was perfect for the site and was exactly what I wanted. The design engineers and supervisors were very easy to work with and efficient. I was so lucky to find this firm.

    Clyde Wallin 5 star
  • I had a fantastic experience with Design Everest. We are in the process of obtaining a permit To rebuild or retaining wall in our backyard and Design Everest civil engineering stepped in to help. I found them via google! They made it so easy. I sent them all of our plans and building department comments to date and they got to work…making the necessary corrections and changes. They promptly respond and are a pleasure to work with.

    Pamela C. 5 star
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • In November of last year, after an extensive search, we were lucky to find Everest Design for a project that required some civil engineering work. Jessica and Ashvi worked on our project and both were extremely helpful and very professional. Both were very efficient in answering our questions and keeping us informed of the progress, and worked as fast as they could to get our project finished. Their responsiveness was much appreciated, especially in light of the fact that there were so many delays by other companies or individuals working in this project. With all the frustrations that go along a building project, they were a "breath of fresh air". A well deserved 5 star rating!

    Marta D. 5 star
    Location: San Jose, CA
  • Design Everest was very responsive and well priced to complete my home renovation plans and structural engineering drawings. They did quality work and implemented my suggestions and added their own flair to really make my design world class.

    Emily C. 5 star
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • We have put in a contingent offer for a house that has some issues, including a crack in the foundation, and I needed a structural report timely done. Design Everest has exceeded my expectations and delivered in a few days. I cannot thank them enough for the great quality of the service! The engineer that came onsite was extremely knowledgeable and experienced; I enjoyed learning from the expert what are things that the house needs.

    Laureniu D. 5 star
    Location: San Francisco, CA
  • I’ve worked with project manager Raj and Everest design (Design Everest) on a project I had in Southern California. Project was fairly simple, but time consuming for me. I really recommend Raj and the company for any project you might have. They take care of everything from A to Z and are very professional. Thank you

    Julien Haro 5 star
  • Aakash is very helpful and willing to help out via cross-referrals, even for projects that aren't a primary focus on his group. Good person to chat with! Definitely recommended.

    Brian L. 5 star
    Location: San Francisco, CA
  • So wonderful and professional! They responded so quickly and I'm looking forward to getting my deck built!

    Michelle N. 5 star
    Location: Napa, CA
  • Many thanks to the DE team. Prompt, precise service on structural calcs and plans for a bathroom addition in Sonoma County. They provided recommendations that our architect and builders hadn't caught.

    Peter W. 5 star
    Location: Sonoma County, CA
  • We hired Design Everest to perform structural engineering calculations for a carport project that we are planning for our home in Palo Alto. Because of the city's exacting standards, this was not an easy job. It required the structural engineers at Design Everest to go above and beyond to meet the city's requirements. Project manager Sayan Bandopadhay was very helpful throughout this process. I would definitely recommend Design Everest to other homeowners.

    Keith W. 5 star
    Location: Palo Alto
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