About Us

We provide industry-leading customer service, turnaround times, and excellent responsiveness.

Design Everest is a leading supplier of engineering and design services for residential and commercial construction, dedicated to providing high-quality engineering services with project delivery on schedule and within budget. Whether working for the owner, contractor, developer, or investor, our goal is to deliver excellent engineering.

To deliver the quality service we guarantee, maintaining clear communication within our team and with our clients is vital. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading customer service, turnaround times, and excellent responsiveness. These are all due to the strong communication Design Everest cultivates. Staying up-to-date on projects and responding quickly to emails and phone calls allows us to ensure customer success.

Our Business

Year Established
Coverage Area
Available Engineers

One Engineering Team
Many Locations

Types of Projects

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Light Industrial

Range of Services

  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Drafting

At Design Everest, surpassing our clients’ expectations is our highest priority. We provide our engineering services using the marketplace model: happy customers are the foundation of a healthy business. Maintaining a strong relationship with our clients and providing a simple, seamless experience is as important to us as delivering high-quality services. To achieve this, our team of customer success managers ensures that each client has an active role in the completion of their project and receives the value they expect from the services we provide.

In business since 2005, and with offices located in San Francisco, Mountain View, Folsom, Los Angeles and San Diego, we are able to provide our services throughout California. Design Everest currently has a team of over fifty-five licensed engineers and drafters ready to set their advanced engineering and technical expertise to work. Since our founding, we have successfully executed over 3,000 residential and commercial projects. As we bring on more engineers and drafters, we will be able to expand both the scope of our projects and geographic reach.

The delivery of structural engineering services has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Although Design Everest uses the same engineering practices that have always been used, we’re reinventing how these services are delivered to clients through supplier and project optimization with data analytics. By working with Design Everest, you’ll be taking part in a new era of high quality engineering with superior value in terms of cost and schedule.