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Our Services

Design Everest provides a range of Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Energy Consideration services for Residential and Commercial Projects.

We work closely with homeowners, architects, contractors, developers, and investors, and apply our proprietary Design Hub software to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget. Our clients receive a complete building permit set and guidance on obtaining approvals from the local authorities.

For Architects & Contractors

Design Everest supports architects with Drafting and 3D Modeling services, and contractors with Construction Administration. We are a leading one-stop shop for residential and commercial projects across California.

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Client Success
With Design Everest
We are invested in the success of our customers (homeowners and partners). We receive excellent reviews on Yelp, Home Advisor, and BuildZoom, and our partners (architects and contractors) regularly send us repeat business.
  • We attribute
    our success to:
  • Experience
    & High Quality

    Design Everest professionals have 10 to 35 years of experience and are California-licensed and insured. We only hire professionals who meet our high standards.

  • Cost

    We provide our services on a fixed-fee basis. This fee includes addressing plan check responses, and this approach ensures clients know in advance the cost of our services.

  • Value

    Our experienced engineers design efficient structures and are always looking for value engineering solutions so that customers pay less in construction, materials costs, etc.

  • Breadth
    of Expertise

    We are a true one-stop engineering shop with expertise in a wide range of Residential & Commercial Services. We can also work with clients on an a la carte basis. i.e. You can use our services only where you need them.

  • Ability to Take
    on a Project Anytime

    Our proprietary data system, Design Hub, allows us to efficiently forecast and optimize our resources. This means we can take on a project of any size at any time while maintaining quality and schedule. We are built to scale to your needs!

  • No

    We have an iterative approach to our project management. We send intermediate schematic designs to the customer for feedback. This approach ensures that customers are always informed, and are able to make timely changes to the project if necessary.

  • Responsiveness
    and Quick Turnaround

    Our technology and support team enable our engineers to stay focused on what they do best—engineering. As a result, we deliver a fast turnaround for our projects. With a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Project Manager assigned to each project, we keep our clients up to date.

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